- Jan 3, 2015
Collapsible and transformative designs take over this list of 2014 furniture trends. As small, urban spaces become more popular among millennials, designers are creating space-saving furniture solutions that serve a multi-functional purpose.

These practical furnishings include bike rack benches that store one's cycling equipment while doubling as spacious seating units. Other practical ideas from this 2014 furniture trends list include table-shelf hybrids that transform from dining surfaces to space-saving and tiered storage units.

These collapsible and compact furniture solutions are reflective of contemporary design ideals and are practical in addition to being aesthetically striking.

In addition to practical design solutions, this list also zones in on emotive furnishings like isolation serenity pods and futuristic dome sleepers. These particular furnishings put a great focus on relaxation and are equipped with sophisticated technology.

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From Topographic Table Decor to Suspended Sleeper Designs: