The Spare Shoe Rack Subtly Integrates an Electric Airflow Function

 - Mar 14, 2014
If it weren't for the power cord escaping from the rear of the Spare Shoe Rack, would you have guessed that this piece of furniture had hi-tech capabilities? It was the intention of Stefanie Schissler to come up with a subtle and beautiful solution to a supremely practical storage system -- one that would have the ability to tidy the front foyer while drying your wet boots.

Assembled from layers of milled wooden panels, the short shelf offers open cubbies in which one can stuff scarves, hats and all sorts of outerwear items. For footwear, the user can arrange colorful trays throughout the windows to rest his pairs upon them. A remote control enables you to activate air flow in the Spare Shoe Rack, affording you the option of hot or cold and limiting it to certain sections.