From Floating Skyline Havens to Camouflaged Forest Cabins

 - Jan 1, 2015
As the top 2014 home trends show, homeowners are looking to improve the efficiency of their houses primarily through technology. With devices like smart speakers, thermostats and beacon technology providing the potential to turn ordinary home objects into hyper-connected hubs, it's becoming easier to introduce tech into daily life without having to rewire your entire home.

Whether connected to technology or not, there's also a growing emphasis on furniture that is highly functional, such as pieces that save space and serve more than one purpose, as seen in nightstands, desks and coffee tables that include built-in spaces for phones and tablets. Offering serenity and a break from technology, on the opposite side of the spectrum, objects like the concrete Ching Chair shaped like bamboo serve a single purpose and remind of the importance to connect with nature as well as technology.

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