The Thomas Wayne Woodworks are Wizardly Shaped Masterpieces

The Thomas Wayne Woodworks opulently shaped designs are uniquely handcrafted. Los Angeles, California-based craftsman Thomas Erst goes by the name of Thomas Wayne Woodworks. His icosahedron planter is geometrically shaped in a sleek, modern, minimalist design. The wooden planter brings a modern feel to in-home decor while housing beautiful greens. The Thomas Wayne Woodworks creations have an exclusive style and shape. Thomas crafts anything from wizard-esque geometric wood-worked planters to nomadic woody bed headboards and to wooden lightshades.

The modern-day humble craftsman is clever and creative when designing geometric shaped designs; he focuses on form and function. The Thomas Wayne Woodworks icosahedron-shaped planter is featured on his site for a lower than average price for a Valentine's Day special. The icosahedron planter would make the perfect gift for design and eco-lovers alike.