From Planted Paper Lanterns to Delicate Origami Illuminators

These paper lanterns utilize one of the most commonly used materials to form elegant lighting solutions for modern spaces. The inspiration behind many of these looks are traditional Japanese lighting fixtures that create calm and relaxing moods while sourcing inexpensive materials. Because of the availability of paper and the countless varieties of it, numerous DIY paper lanterns can also be created, giving your home a minimalist and personalized touch.

The Hanji Flora Lamps combine elements of nature with technology by fusing together a planter and lamp. Crafted from lightly spun cotton, these unique lanterns double as plant carriers. Another interesting use of paper are delicate origami illuminators, made from an unlikely source -- rice paper that's shaped like a Bonsai tree. In many ways, paper has proven to be a stylish and sustainable material when it comes to innovative lantern solutions.