The Pop-Up Corner Light Unfolds into a Fully Functional Lamp

 - Sep 29, 2012
References: wellwelldesigners & designtaxi
Well Well Designers introduces a lamp that can fit into the unoccupied corners of your home known as the Pop-Up Corner Light.

This avant-garde lighting is ordered online and delivered to your house in an envelope. The lamp is able to be unfolded and expanded to fit in the crevice of two joining walls. In order to create a lighting device with such foldable properties, Well Well Designers makes it out of a polyphane-lined sheet of paper. The paper is sliced so that it will be able to construct a square, triangle or circle when it is placed in a 90-degree angle to assume its place on the wall.

The Pop-up corner lamp is able to decorate a region of your interior that you never would have thought possible. Each lamp is handmade and can be ordered from the designer's website.