The Proplamp by Margje Teeuwen and Erwin Zwiers is Malleable

 - Aug 12, 2014
References: productmargje & contemporist
There are more than a few cloud-like lighting on the market, but the Proplamp is quite innovative. It is an interactive light fixture that molds to people's forms when hugged or simply rearranged. In this way, the cloud-like lighting really does appear to be more like the fluffy phenomena as the real wisps never stay in one shape for too long.

Designed by Margje Teeuwen in collaboration with Erwin Zwiers, the cloud-like lighting may look like its made out of paper, but it is actually made out of a biodegradable non-woven material that can be repetitively crushed without fear of destroying it. Of course, the cloud-like lighting was actually inspired by crumpled pieces of paper, hence the easy comparison. It emits a soft, warm glow.