- May 19, 2015
Hanging light fixtures can create an entire theme in a single room. The beauty of an overhanging lamp is that it can be a boldly eccentric piece or offer a simple elegant glow. Lighting is so important to set the mood of a space.

Intricate hanging candle lights suspended overhead can add a medieval-inspired aura to a room. Upcycling items such as canoes and mason jars enhance an eco-friendly lifestyle and show an elegant yet rustic charm. There are also extravagant chandeliers that reveal a more glitz and glam lifestyle.

Lighting can be bright and illuminating or dull and ominous. Hanging light fixtures are not just a decor piece but can also be a wonderful space saver and alternative to floor lamps. Whether they act as a focal point or simply as small decor piece, lighting can transform any room.

From Dripping Chain Lighting to Curly Glass Chandeliers: