These Innovative Light Designs Replicate the Feeling of Winter

 - Aug 14, 2014
References: arturoerbsman & fastcodesign
Designer Arturo Erbsman hailing from Belgium created these series of innovative light designs called Polar Light. The chandeliers are meant to look like melting sticks of ice that bring up images of winter and cold frost instantaneously to one's mind.

The Polar Light chandelier is made from metal wires joined together in a web-like design. The chandelier is actually covered in real ice that forms together from precipitation collecting along the wires. As the air temperature decreases overnight, the water droplets turn to ice creating these stalactite icicles that hang eerily in the air. Evidently the Polar Light was meant to be hung outside, rather in a heated home, so that the icicles could form along the light's fixture. In the moonlight the Polar Light would give off a rather looming glow.