- Oct 7, 2014
These crocheted decor examples range from knitted furniture pieces to wooly carpet accessories that are intricately constructed. The art of crochet design relies on impeccable craftsmanship and traditional techniques, all seen throughout this list of home decor items.

From sweater-inspired planters and vases to knitted rugs and coasters, these crocheted decor examples are sure to impress. The unique items give one's home a cozy look and are a fresh translation of your grandmother's favorite hobby.

Standouts from this list include designer Stephanie Ng's Luna Lana lamps that feature a hat inspired wool detail. The illuminators mix cozy and industrial materials together to create a bold and modern design.

Another memorable example from this cluster are Etsy's needlepoint tapestries from its FullFlowerMoon shop. The wall adornments mix paper and wool materials to create stunning and eco-friendly decor.

From Knitted Furniture Pieces to Wooly Carpet Designs: