The Perm Chair Was Inspired by King Louis XV of France's Hairdo

 - Aug 22, 2011
References: eunsanglee & core77
Despite its name, the material of the Perm Chair was not actually curled to achieve the look of luscious waves. Instead, the entire chair was knitted with huge knitting needles. The process of making the Perm Chair is actually as spectacular as the furniture piece itself.

Conceived and created by Ernie Eun Sang Lee, one of the 12 students in the RISD class for which this seat was designed, the Perm Chair was inspired by the hairdo of King Louis XV of France. Although a rather strange influence, it nevertheless resulted in a breathtakingly unique seat, one that is definitely fit for eccentric royals.

Made out of recyclable glass/thermoplastic composite called Twintex, which is manufactured by Owens Corning, the Perm Chair beautifully achieved a hairlike asethetic.