- Mar 4, 2014
Since intentionally ugly sweaters and somewhat bizarre knitting projects like yarn bombing have become fairly mainstream, this is inspiring some adventurous crafters to bring even more outrageous twists to the age-old craft.

Some of these wacky knitting projects include fabricating sweaters for giraffes, knitting a boyfriend-shaped companion, garments woven together from human hair and knitting machines that are connected to Twitter.

There are also a few great examples of knitting itself as a form of rather shocking type of performance art, which is seen in projects like Casey Jenkins' 'Casting Off My Womb,' or 'Enclosure' by Bea Camacho. There are also less controversial, commercial examples of this too, like Nike’s live-knit billboard for its Flyknit shoe.

From Intimate Dog Hair Sweaters to Massive Mammal Sweaters: