The Marianne Jorgensen Tank Blanket is Handmade Anti-War Activism

 - Jun 14, 2011
References: & likecool
This Marianne Jorgensen tank blanket is a remarkable example of the power citizens can have if they come together for a common cause.

Danish knitter Marianne Jorgensen is outraged that her country has gotten involved in the US-Iraq war and is determined to make her anger known through knitting. Marianne began creating a massive quilt made from pink yarn which she planned to drape over an old WWII tank.

Word spread and eventually, Marianne had local and international volunteers helping her knit pink squares. When the blanket was finally finished, it was wrapped around the tank, becoming a symbol of the pointlessness of war. Marianne explains that knitting symbolizes home and family, so this pink blanket greatly contrasts the tank and makes a mockery of battle.

This Marianne Jorgensen tank blanket is a crafty and clever method of activism.