- Dec 6, 2013
A great figure of hope and inspiration left his legacy and as the world seeks to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela, these projects are a great place to begin.

The South African influencer had a huge impact on the world in his 95 years of life. He spent 27 years in prison and even that period of his life couldn't prevent him from being a significant leader. His struggle against apartheid won him several honors and his five years as the President of South Africa helped him spread his inspiring cause further.

He diligently fought against the domination of one race over another and strived for a day when people could live in harmony with equal opportunities. In addition to his fight against apartheid he helped avert war and violence during his fight for peace and equality. The life of Nelson Mandela was full of trials and accomplishments and as he set an example for people all over the world, his life will continue to inspire future generations.

These fantastic projects were inspired after anti-racism, anti-sexism, peace and freedom. In a world where revenge seems like a second nature, Nelson Mandela's legacy continues to encourage people to seek peace instead of retribution.

Celebrate the Life of Nelson Mandela with These Great Projects: