'Swing of Change' Depicts Barber Overcoming Racial Prejudice

 - Dec 14, 2011
References: vimeo & designerblog.it
'Swing of Change' is a a rarity in the animation world as it deals with the sensitive topic of racism using characters that you'd expect to see from a Pixar production. It dares to be different and tackle a difficult subject matter and, for that, it should be commended.

'Swing of Change' follows the story of a racist barber who refuses to let African Americans play musical instruments outside his shop, let alone step inside for a haircut and a shave. He confiscates a trumpet from a local musician, who magically disappears. The barber soon finds out that the trumpet is possessed as it makes him burst into a one man dance party with lively jazz music playing in the background. The party abruptly ends when the barber sees himself in the mirror with dark skin and realizes the error in his racial prejudice. The following day, he begins serving African American customers.