George Frost's Jewelry Line Draws From the Decade of Discontent

 - Nov 19, 2013
References: lulufrost & honestlywtf
George Frost and his family have been in the jewelry making business for years. Their pieces of wearable artwork are simply to die for; getting more and more beautiful and unique as collections pass. Though all his work is impeccable by far, his newest line 'No Goods' is the one that will turn heads, grasp breaths and maybe even have you thinking about that old time rock n' roll.

'No Goods' is a line dedicated and inspired by the revolutionary 60s: the flower child era. Though his designs show no signs of the cliche peace signs and daisies, George took a different approach and targeted on revolutionary sentiments. Using materials like bullet casings, out-of-circulation dollar bills and hand-braided horsehair, George Frost really captures that anti-war/civil rights movement feel.

Each piece is also inscribed with an intimate message such as luck, unite, loyal, trust or love through morse code or symbols. The George Frost 'No Goods' jewelry line reminds-or simply enlightens-us on period where the language of love was often forgotten and encourages us to keep the peace alive today and forevermore.