- Aug 1, 2014
These vintage fashion features range from edgy 80s editorials to retro-themed menswear shoots. With its influence on the world of style, vintage fashion has paved the way for today's designer talents and continues to be referenced in countless editorials, campaigns and catalogs.

Celebs are taking note as well and are reviving vintage fashions in films, music videos and on countless magazine covers that remind one of years past. From Beyonce's MOD-themed video for "Countdown" to Katy Perry's recent release of "This is How We Do"-a pop art and vintage fashion explosion-today's pop culture icons are looking to the past for their inspiration.

A standout from this list of vintage fashion features includes "That 60s Girl", a Mila Kunis editorial for the August 2014 issue of W Magazine. The pregnant actress poses in a series of retro shots and takes on a different persona, much like the versatile characters she portrays on screen.

From Contemporary MOD Campaigns to Effortless Grunge Editorials: