The GQ Italia Miami Vice Photoshoot for the June 2012 Issue

This rad GQ Italia Miami Vice photoshoot would sure put a smile on the faces of Sonny and Rico. The editorial was shot by photographer Tony Kelly for the June 2012 issue of the mens publication GQ Italia. Channelling the classic 1980s cop drama Miami Vice, this fashion spread is not only stylish, but badass.

The fashion models take on the roles of James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs played respectively by Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, and show how easy it is to look good while fighting crime. Styled by Peter Cardona, the editorial is filled with contemporary pieces that hearken back to the fun fashion of the 80s. The bold, brightly hued suits and blazers have a crisp, well-tailored fit and most importantly, have the sleeves rolled up in classic Miami Vice style.