- Aug 14, 2013
The ‘Applause’ Lady Gaga single wasn’t set for official release until August 19th, but it was leaked early on the Internet, causing the pop star and the Haus of Gaga to spring into action. Distraught about the poor sound quality of the single being circulated, Gaga released the official audio through VEVO on YouTube. As well, the pre-order date for ARTPOP was pushed forward on iTunes, in order to take advantage of the buzz on the Internet.

Although the rest of her upcoming album, ARTPOP, has yet to be released, this leak caught Lady Gaga by surprise. Since Gaga has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to avant-garde fashion and style, these features celebrate the songstress loved by so many Little Monsters around the world.

To Celebrate the Early Release of the ‘Applause’ Lady Gaga Sing: