Gaga Tea Packaging is Inspired by the Eccentric Celeb Loose Leaf Lover

There may be plenty of punch in the odd infusion blend but what Gaga Tea packaging flaunts is a whole lot of personality that you seldom see in the wrapping. The iconic and imaginative concept was born from a student challenge to come up with a creative university application project. Recent graduate Nathalie Hallman chose to build her brand around the infamous Lady Gaga.

The idea is a clever one, but the queen of pop gave this young designer plenty to work with. Taking ten of the celebrity's more notable costumes, wacky caricatures were drawn on card and fashioned into teabag tags that can be hooked on the side of your teacup. Of course, Nathalie didn't stop at resolving Gaga Tea packaging, she went further to pair each lobster mask and coke can hairdo with an unusual and appropriate fusion of flavors.