- Feb 25, 2015
There are some bare-minimum features that consumers expect of the goods on the grocery store shelf, but these examples of accessorized packaging represent brands that have gone the extra mile. These marketing techniques enhance the memorable impression of products, delighting shoppers and justifying any pricing markups as well.

Everything in this collection goes beyond the label, standard flat ink printing and basic boxes and bottles; each of these items flaunts a little something extra to make it aesthetically pleasing. You'll notice one fashionable wine bottle with a bow-tie, another wearing a T-shirt, and a broader assortment of vino vessels with stylish decorative sleeves. You'll see a carton with buttons to close it, a drink can with feet, and all sorts of strings, twines and ribbons used to create accessorized packaging that embellishes beyond expectations.

From Debonair Beverage Branding to Ribbon-Wrapped Products: