McDonald's Adopts Minimal Packaging for Its Luxury Burger Series

 - Jul 29, 2013
References: yukawanet & en.rocketnews24
This minimal packaging for McDonald's luxury burger trio in Japan is a refreshing take from the greasy brown paper bags typically associated with fast food. The decadent packaging was specifically made for McDonald's line of Quarter Pounder Jewelry Burgers, featuring unusual additions to traditional ground beef patties like truffle sauce, chorizo and pineapple.

The white bags and boxes that contain these luxurious burgers feature McDonald's golden arches, rendered quite literally in gold foil. This extremely minimal packaging features hardly any other words or elements, other than a small decorative golden ribbon affixed to the bags.

Although $10 doesn't seem too outrageous to shell out for a decadent try-it-once burger, the packaging certainly helps to up the value of the burgers.