- May 7, 2015
These convenient QSR innovations range from line-free express cafes to breakfast cocktail bars that introduce a family franchise to a more mature clientele. As pop-up eateries and cafes become more prevalent within urban centers, independent brands are not the only ones adhering to this marketing strategy.

When looking at top-tiered companies like Taco Bell and McDonald's, their eco-friendly, shipping container restaurants and fashion inspired pop-up venues illustrate a knowledge of the millennial demographic.

In addition to branded pop-up eateries, standouts from this list also include artisanal cafes that introduce consumers to a brand's history and heritage along with burger joint hotels that serve up a fast food focused menu. Other favorites include collaborative tea shops and refined fast food eateries that cater to young professionals and even consumers who are looking to dine and get married at the same time.

From Line-Free Express Cafes to Breakfast Cocktail Bars: