Jon Darsky Del Popolo Delivers Pizza to the San Francisco Area

Jon Darsky Del Popolo is debuting in the San Francisco area on May 15th as the first food truck with a traditional Italian wood-fired oven. The behemoth mobile pizzeria is a project launched by former Flour + Water chef Jonathan Darsky. Their website claims they are commited to delivering "rustic Neopolitan-inspired pizza using ingredients sourced from small, generational producers."

Travelling across San Francisco, tweeting their current location, the food truck will have no trouble drawing in a crowd. Costing over $180,000 for its creation, using a 20-foot shipping container that has been re-crafted into a state-of-the-art kitchen. Traditional pizza is key having the container house a 5,000-pound Stefano Ferraro oven imported directly from Italy.

Due to its enormous nature the truck takes up two parking spaces. Del Popolo is completely glass encased, the windows open giving the truck a wingspan of 39 feet. Allowing for foodies to salivate over the entire pizza making process.