From Gourmet Takout Kits to Branded Superhero Burgers

 - Jan 20, 2015
These unique takeout meals range from branded superhero burgers to fried shrimp parfaits that blend together unexpected flavors. When searching for a meal on-the-go, convenience is key and so is great taste, two qualities all of the food items on this list possess.

Standouts from the list include culturally flavored pizza pies from Dominos India and gourmet takeout kits from Quebec's Château Laurier Hotel. While fast food chain Dominos offers a chilli banana topping at its Indian locations, Quebec's renowned hotel offers a Valentine's day special that fuses quality with convenience.

The Château Laurier Hotel's gourmet takeout kit is equipped with canapes and appetizers along with a full meal and a romantic dessert that can be split by a couple. This specific example proves that elaborate meals can be conveniently packaged and enjoyed in the comfort of one's home.

In addition to this innovative example of gourmet branding, fast food retailers are looking to pop culture imagery when creating new products. Whether introducing collaborative recipes or allowing consumers to create their dream burger online, media and modern technology are influencing today's food brands in a big way.