A McDonald’s Chain Offers Customers a Chance to Try Spicy Pork Mc

If chicken McNuggets are your go-to meal at McDonald’s, spicy pork McBites might take their place.

To provide customers with more variety and a new item on the menu to spark their curiosity, a Mcdonald’s in China released nuggets that are filled with pork instead of chicken. If you’re a fan of bacon and pork in general, these bite-sized pork treats might just be what you’ve been waiting for! A small order costs $1.50 and you get 18 McBites; if you’re afraid to try them on your own there’s plenty to share with a small group of friends.

Besides being made of a different kind of meat, these spicy pork McBites differ from regular chicken McNuggets because they’re supposed to have an extra kick of spiced flavor.