From Miniature Ice Cream Pies to Creamy Cereal Sandwiches

 - Aug 26, 2015
These decadent dessert sandwiches are the perfect after-dinner indulgence. Ideal for kids and adults alike, these dessert dishes can be enjoyed all year round. From indulgent ice cream bars to stacked cookie confections, these decadent dessert sandwiches are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ice cream bars are perhaps the most popular kind of dessert sandwich available. However, these unique recipes go beyond the standard combination of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sandwich cookies. Some of these modern ice cream sandwiches include unusual ingredients such as sugary donuts, salty pretzels and even savory bacon.

If ice cream bars are not exciting enough, these are a number of other decadent dessert sandwiches available. For example, there are chocolate cookie sandwiches filled with beer-infused buttercream. There are also savory chocolate sandwiches that combine pound cake with rich hazelnut spread.