This S'more Recipe is Sandwiched Between Reese's Chocolate Chip Cookies

 - Nov 7, 2014
References: thevulgarchef
This s'more is made with bacon and Reese's chocolate chip cookies. Now that Reese's Spread is going to be a thing, this recipe could be altered to include it instead of the traditional slab of milk chocolate. It would also require less work as you wouldn't have to worry about melting the chocolate if it already comes in spread form. The chocolate peanut butter spread would also bring out more of the peanut taste of the Reese's chocolate chip cookies.

The bacon s'more recipe is from The Vulgar Chef. He used a blow torch to cook the marshmallow, expediting the process even further. The combined flavors of this twist on a campfire classic is the perfect concoction for savory dessert lovers.