This Churro Ice Cream Sandwich is the Perfect Fried Treat

 - Jun 18, 2014
References: churroborough & foodiggity
Los Angeles-based dessert company Churro Borough gave the traditional ice cream sandwich a Spanish twist by replacing the iconic cookie for a sugary sweet Churro donut. These Churro ice cream sandwiches are a decadent summer dessert.

A Churro is essentially the Spanish equivalent of your average donut. Unlike American donuts, the Churro is thin, flat and usually rolled in cinnamon sugar.
Each of the Churro Borough ice cream sandwiches comes with two deliciously deep fried Churro donuts that sandwich a yummy Spanish-inspired ice cream flavor. Foodies have the choice to try either Spanish latte, Mexican hot chocolate, horchata or vanilla custard ice cream flavors. This Spanish ice cream sandwich would be a delicious snack to have to cool off during a hot day.