From Frozen Food Vending Machines to Color-Changing Ice Creams

 - Nov 16, 2015
Convenience is key when enjoying ice cream on the go and these innovations look to the future of frozen treats. Ranging from frozen food vending machines to color-changing ice creams, these examples illustrate the ways that on-the-go ice cream has evolved in the past few years.

In addition to popsicle packaging that is expressive and eco-friendly, these examples of ice cream on the go also include rubberized ice cream treats like those served by restaurateur Hassan Rukab -- an offering that includes diverse flavors with an elastic texture. Other notable favorites include savory ice cream treats like those inspired by pizza and herbed dinner dishes along with DIY ice cream kits that encourage those with a sweet tooth to create customized and convenient snacks.

Furthermore, novelty items like cocktail-inspired ice creams and glittering popsicles illustrate how a childhood treat has evolved to a nostalgic and adult-appropriate snack.