This Butterbeer Ice Cream Recipe is Inspired by the Harry Potter Books

 - Jun 15, 2015
References: foodinliterature & buzzfeed
If you are a massive Harry Potter fan, this butterbeer ice cream will be the perfect way to cool down this summer. From a list compiled from Buzzfeed chronicling the various foods mentioned in the magical series (the books, obviously), the recipe turns a common beverage into a seasonally appropriate treat.

First mentioned in The Prisoner of Azkaban when the gang visited the wizarding village of Hogsmeade, the beverage has inspired several boozy and non-alcoholic concoctions in the muggle world. The Florean Fortescue Butterbeer Ice Cream Recipe is from blogger Bryt of Food in Literature. It also references the ice cream parlor owner Harry visits in Diagon Alley in the third book.

To make your own at home, you will need British ale, pumpkin pie spice and other ingredients.