- Jun 29, 2015
These smart food gadgets make DIY food prep easy for those with an appreciation for homemade meals. Inspired by a generation of budget-conscious food bloggers, aspiring chefs are creating tasty recipes while saving money in the process.

From delicious mini meals to hybrid breakfast recipes, today's DIY food creations are no longer on the traditional side but are instead sophisticated and gourmet-themed. Made with both taste and convenience in mind, these recipes often require the help of a smart food gadget.

The products don't only appeal to niche tastes but also cut food prep time in half, appealing to today's generation of busy professionals. Standouts include novelty waffle makers and DIY candy machines along with popcorn making devices that reference a nostalgic theme. Other favorites are more intuitive to technology and include microwaves ovens, meat grilling tools and multi-tasking toasters that ensure food is cooked, steamed and grilled to perfection. Ultimately these products make even the most amateur of chefs confident in their food prep skills.

From Hyper-Connected Ovens to Novelty Waffle Makers: