This Fun Popcorn Making Machine Turns Snacking into Entertainment

 - Jan 31, 2015
References: cargocollective & mocoloco
Preparing popcorn on the stove may be more entertaining than making it in the microwave, but it's usually not as convenient—enter this popcorn making machine from Jolene Carlier that's practical and appealing to the eyes.

Carlier's creation has been named the 'Popcorn Monson' and it features an unusual curving structure that has popcorn kernels go on a journey to become fully popped snacks. On one side, the machine is a hot air popper that pops kernels and rockets them through a tube and to a butter-colored bowl for serving. The form of the popcorn machine is undoubtedly unconventional, but its design is thoughtful and fully functional, as seen by the tiny spout on the side where a few kernels can be added to the machine at a time—this feature makes it easy to pop exactly the right amount of popcorn.