This Kitchen Gadget Will Cook Up Your Favorite Meals in a Snap

 - May 9, 2015
References: geniethefreshway & cnet
There is now a kitchen gadget to make meals in seconds, just like a coffee maker makes your morning brew. Using the Star Trek 'replicator' as inspiration, Genie was created in Israel by White Innovation. The name is quite fitting because a genie grants instant wishes, and this Genie will grant you instant food.

Better than a vending machine, this kitchen gadget will actually create full delicious meals instantly acting as your personal chef! The device uses dried powdered pouches containing all natural ingredients. The only small catch is that you have to add water yourself, then let Genie do the cooking!

Paired with the connecting app, Genie can be controlled via smart technology. Like many apps, Genie wants to get to know you better so it can meet specific dietary needs and cater to your every desire preparing only your favorite meals!

Ideal for those always in a hurry, not in the mood to cook, or just not equipped, this kitchen gadget will happily aid your culinary distress!