From Pancake-Flipping Robots to Robotic Soup Chefs

 - Jan 8, 2016
In addition to becoming popular for serving food to restaurant patrons, robot chefs are being put to work for the creation of food dishes as well. For example, China's Toyako Robot Ramen features a pair of robot chefs that work in tandem to whip up noodle soup, while the RoboHow robot is even capable of performing the precise motions required for flipping a pancake.

With its ability to process information more like a human than a computer, IBM Watson is also responsible for creating online recipe databases and cookbooks featuring inventive food and drink recipes.

While robot chefs are now viewed by some as a gimmick, someday they may have a purpose and place in kitchens of the future. Moley Robotics imagined what this might look like with a concept called 'The Automated Kitchen.'