'BratWurst Bot' Takes Customer Orders, Cooks and Serves Food

 - Jul 20, 2016
References: youtube & engadget
'BratWurst Bot' is the name of an impressive autonomous grilling machine that's capable of taking food orders, cooking bratwurst and serving them without any human intervention. Some of the systems that power this food-making machine are a RGB camera and custom management software that's used to cook sausages to completion.

The BratWurst Bot made its debut at the Stallw├Ąchter Party, which is a government event for German State Representatives. At the party, BratWurst bot served more than 200 sausages over the course of the evening.

As well as being purely novel, BratWurst Bot demonstrates how the service industry may rely on robots of this kind in the future. What's particularly interesting about the BratWurst Bot is that it was created entirely with off-the-shelf parts.