From DIY Drawing Robots to Modular Combat Robots

 - Mar 27, 2016
Caring for the elderly, drumming and fabricating building are just a few of the things that March 2016 robots can do. These top ideas also include a number of ultra-specific tasks for robots to perform, such as folding paper airplanes, making ice cream and tending to farms.

Just as robots are being put to work for a number of inventive tasks, drones are adopting creative new forms. For instance, Powervision Robot adopts an egg-shaped form, while the Flying Car is styled as a RC car with the capabilities of a quadcopter drone.

Other unique robot toys include ones that are DIY, open source, voice-controlled or designed to work in tandem with a tablet. As the top March 2016 robot trends display, play is just one of the many things that robots of the future will be good for.