'Wayblazer' Uses IBM Watson as an Intelligent Concierge

 - Feb 22, 2016
References: wayblazer & cio
Wayblazer is a next-generation travel platform that's powered by IBM Watson. Unlike many other travel platforms that require more work from the end user, this one uses big data to offer insightful suggestions.

With Wayblazer, uers are able to ask natural language questions to IBM Watson, which will respond with destinations and special offers based off of travel insights, business offers and social, cultural and economic data. As an intelligent travel concierge, this platform can be used by airlines, rental sites, hotels and other key players in the travel and hospitality industry who want to offer suitable recommendations that will be of interest to guests.

Wayblazer is a project that comes from Terry Jones, who is also known as the founder of Travelocity and the founding chairman of Kayak.