From AI-Integrated Accommodations to Robot Hotel Concierges

 - Aug 31, 2017
These high tech hotel innovations range from AI-integrated accommodations to robot concierge services that replace human staff with intelligent devices.

When it comes to travel, convenience is key, especially when going abroad with children. Standouts in the realm of family travel include Disney's newest Star Wars Theme Park which includes a cinematic hotel inspired by the galactic film franchise. In addition to suites that resemble the set of the popular films, the hotel is set to feature interactive LCD displays as windows, creating a realistic outer space scene in each room.

When it comes to travel booking and room service innovations, efficient apps like 'Waylo' feature a built-in chatbot that answers users' questions while finding a deal that works best for their budget and schedule. Additionally, the Dubai-based 'Jumeirah Inside' platform lets users experience a virtual tour of popular accommodations before committing to a room of their choice.

Other notable examples of connected hotels include Carnival Cruise Line's guest wearables which help to ensure customer satisfaction, and a personalized experience for visitors while on board one of the company's ships.