The Open FURBY Project Lets Consumers Personalized the Toy Bird

 - Feb 9, 2016
References: businessinsider & mentalfloss
The robotic bird toy Furby was a popular childhood plaything in the early 90s, and now the device is making a modern comeback with the Open FURBY project that allows users to fully personalize the robotic gadget with a slew of commands and functions. Now players can enjoy having the robot react to human command and interaction for a more customized playing experience.

Originally the Furby toy was designed to circulate through a series of pre-programmed commands and functions with no player interaction. The Open FURBY project seeks to change the experience with the integration of open-sourced technology so the device can be controlled via a computer and allow for human-robot interaction. This means players can have a more personalized experience with the toy as it responds to their commands.