Spin Master's Zoomer Chimp That Crawls and Balances on Two Wheely Feet

 - Feb 19, 2016
References: spinmaster & toyland.gizmodo
After the release of the Zoomer Dog and Dino, Spin Master is following up with a personality-packed Zoomer Chimp.

This playful robotic toy has the ability to do more than 100 tricks, which include flips, sound effects and voice command responses. In terms of movement, the Zoomer Chimp gets around by rolling on all four of its wheeled hands and feet. It can also stand and balance on two feet, roll onto its back and show off its cheeky personality by wiggling its behind in the air. On top of all these moving parts, Spin Master took care to make a fully articulated mouth and moving teeth within.

Unlike the Dino that required a tail for balance, this next-generation Zoomer toy features extremely smooth transitions between each movement.