The Ibex Robot Could Remove Weeds from Expansive Farmland

 - Feb 23, 2016
References: ibexautomation & gizmag
Being that there is such a strong farming community in the UK, the Ibex Robot is designed to help remove weed autonomously to help busier farmers tend to their land easily. The Ibex Robot is designed to rove property and seek out weeds that might be growing. When it finds one, the device will spray the local area to destroy it; this inhibits farmers from having to spray herbicide over large areas of land.

Being that spraying land with herbicides is harmful to the environment and increases the chance of injury for farmers, the Ibex Robot could help revolutionize farming.

Worldwide concerns over the use of herbicides and pesticides has many seeking out an alternative. The Ibex Robot could remove weeds in a more controlled manner to limit the amount of chemicals being put into the soil.