These Exoskeleton Designs Boost Mobility, Strength and More

 - Jul 7, 2017
These dynamic exoskeleton designs include everything from child-sized suits to wearable accessories to improve mobility in the elderly.

Lowe's is one retail company that's now equipping its warehouse employees with non-motorized wearable exoskeletons to boost productivity and lend people additional strength. A number of companies are now investing both high-tech and low-tech solutions that have the potential to minimize sick days and long-term injuries that may be triggered by repeated strain from lifting heavy objects.

Although many exoskeleton designs have been developed to prevent and relieve pain, as well as provide people with superhuman strength, there are also examples of exosuits for enhancing athletic performance in active pursuits like running. As an alternative to full-body exoskeletons, there are also a range of accessories that can be fitted to certain parts of the body to improve their individual performance.