Armor is an Exercising Gadget to Boost Performance by Adding Resistance

 - Jun 27, 2016
References: armorefitness & dudeiwantthat
The Armore is a wearable exercising gadget designed to help increase strength and performance in an isolated region by adding resistance. The device is designed as an arm band that encases the forearm and biceps in a man-made skeletal shell that builds muscle by improving performance. The band can be used to help increase the body's strength by targeting the arm ligaments and bones.

The Armore can be worn during exercise or daily activities to provide a constant source of resistance to boost the use and growth of the muscle. The design features bands that wrap around the wrist up to the bicep, while a skeletal mechanism adds rigidity to the movements. This provides added resistance to better target the muscle groups located throughout the arm to boost size, strength and toning.