Hyundai's New Iron Man Suit Helps Wearer's Lift Heavy Objects

Hyundai recently debuted a new robotic exoskeleton called the 'Iron Man suit,' which allows the wearer to lift ultra-heavy objects. With companies such as BMW, Panasonic and Audi already working on their own exoskeleton suits, Hyundai is now joining the growing industry of wearable robotics.

Hyundai describes its new Iron Man suit as a "wearable robot" exoskeleton that is designed to give the wearer super strength. Not only can the wearer lift hundreds of kilograms while wearing the suit, but they can also move significantly faster. The suit is ideal for workers who frequently need to lift or move heavy objects, but it may also helps those with limited mobility such as the handicapped or elderly move about more more freely.

While Hyundai's new exoskeleton is currently just a prototype, the suit could soon be used to enhance the mobility of countless individuals.