- Jul 1, 2016
From joint-monitoring devices that can pick up near inaudible sounds to floor tiles that convert kinetic energy into electricity, the June 2016 science trends demonstrate the endless potential of scientific innovation.

In terms of the health sector, there have been a number of scientific advancements that aim to help physicians carry out more accurate diagnostic tests. For instance, Behold.ai is a new type of software that can detect medical abnormalitieswith extreme accuracy. Another innovative tool is Spirocall, which is a program that can analyze a patient's lung health over the phone.

Beyond health, the June 2016 science trends also reveal an ongoing emphasis on renewable energy and the creation of eco-friendly tech. This includes improvements to existing technology such as solar panels that can float on rough waters, as well as completely new products such as floor titles that turn kinetic energy into electricity.

From Monitoring Joint Devices to Energy-Producing Tiles: