This Telescope for Beginners is Portable and Easy to Use

'Bright-Eye Telescopes' are designed by scientist Normal Sperling, whose telescope for beginners was made to take the fear out of learning -- giving everyone the opportunity to explore the stars. As an astronomy teacher, Norman saw the lack of interest his students had in using conventional telescopes, inspiring him to create a design that would take away this frustration.

The simplistic device sets up in just 15 seconds -- what is said to be "the fastest of any telescope." The Bright-Eye is perfect for kids because it's stable and easy to carry, especially with the thick travelling strap that it comes with. It is also sold alongside an instruction manual and a "star-finding book." The Bright-Eye also comes with a large lens that makes it quick to find stunning views with an image that is bright and contrasted. As Norman Sperling advises, this telescope for beginners is great for classrooms and kids, as well as any amateur stargazer.