The Furhat Robot Mimics Physical and Verbal Interactions

 - May 13, 2016
References: furhatrobotics & psfk
With more than 15 years of research behind it, Furhat Robotics has created a new platform that can mimic human interactions. With many companies turning to social robots to carry out important tasks, this platform could help to close the gap between the way humans and robots interact.

The Furhat platform is a state-of-the-art robot that mimics human interactions such as physical movements and spoken dialog. The robot features a small projector in its neck that maps different animations and displays them on a translucent mask. These animations simulate different facial expressions and create "the illusion of a moving and living being." The robots also uses a pair of servos to move in natural ways that are similar to the gestures made by humans. Finally, the on board computer boasts a spoken dialog system that allows the robot to verbally express itself.

Designed to be used as a receptionist, presenter or even interactive advertiser, the Furhat platform demonstrates the future of social robots.