The GE Aviation 'GE9X' Engine was Created Using 3D Printers

 - Apr 26, 2016
References: gereports & damngeeky
Jet engines serve a very important purpose for passenger and cargo planes around the world, so the new GE Aviation 'GE9X' design looks to change what's possible. Created using 3D printers, the GE Aviation 'GE9X' jet engine is the world's largest to be created using 3D printers and marks a significant milestone for the brand and industry.

The GE Aviation 'GE9X' jet engine came to fruition when plane manufacturer Boeing began development on the 777X jet and needed an engine to power it. The brand stepped up to the challenge and created the engine to generate up to 100,000 pounds of thrust. Putting this into perspective, a space shuttle main engine produces 375,000 pounds, which makes the GE Aviation 'GE9X' jet engines a force to be reckoned with.