From Seizure-Sensing Earpieces to Diagnostic Ear Devices

 - May 14, 2016
The May 2016 science ideas reveal major breakthroughs when it comes to healthcare. Not only are researchers developing tools that make it easier for doctors to diagnose and treat patients, but they are also designing tools that empower consumers to take their health and wellbeing into their own hands.

When it comes to scientific breakthroughs aiding the medical community, many of these tools are designed to help improve the speed and accuracy of diagnoses. For instance, a team of researchers at the Free University of Brussels developed a smart scalpel that can detect brain tumors. Similarly, researchers in Sweden and South Africa teamed up to design a handheld tool for diagnosing ear infections.

Beyond devices used by medical professionals, the May 2016 science trends also reveal that a growing number of tools are being developed to help consumers address common health issues at home. Some examples of these products include wearable sensors that can detect signs of oncoming seizures, wallet-sized EpiPens that are easy to carry and smart bands that can detect the onset of allergic reactions. All of these devices are designed to empower consumers to take their health into their own hands.